Khurram Asif
3 min readDec 25, 2020


Special Protection Unit (SPU) Punjab police face challenges

Special Protection Unit (SPU) was created on 23.10.2014 as a dedicated unit for the security of foreigners working at different projects of national importance in the Province. Protection of the premises and important persons notified by Provincial Police Officer, the persons on high risk as notified by the Government of Punjab or IGP/PPO also falls in the ambit of SPU as per SPU Act 2016.Almost 7000 Security Constables, drivers, wireless operators, Ex-Army personnel in the rank of Senior Security Constable to Chief Security Officer and Ex-Army Officers in the rank of Additional Director & Deputy Director were recruited in SPU.

The age Pakistan is passing through has outpaced the sort of policing practiced in Pakistan. Focusing in on Punjab, one finds that the police have been confronting a number of challenges.

Residence Problem :

In Special Protection Unit the Biggest problem is residence. All security constables leaving in Tents those Tents are set up temporarily. Tents break down due to rain or storms and all the security constables have to spend the night or the rainy season, and the security constables personal belongings are ruined ۔Whether it is cold or hot security constables have to spend the night in tents there۔ Top officials do not pay any attention to it.

Food Problem :

In Special Protection Unit the main problem is water and food .most of place the water is not good. Most of Security Constables Is ill .the Quality of Food is very low and Expansive and security constables can go beyond the precincts of the dwelling, which is why the oppressed eat these young men.

Transfer Posting Problem:

In Special Protection Unit all the security constables doing duty out of district the young men who have the political recommendation are transferred to their local district. The rest of the young men stay away from home for years. And there is no fare or any other facility for the distant soldiers

Health Problem:

In Special Protection Unit all the security constables Getting sick due to residence ,food and transfer posting Due to which the health of the soldiers is deteriorating and the present government and top officers do not pay any attention to it Nor for treatment Pakistan Army and WAPDA which have hospitals like institutions

Educational Problem:

In Special Protection Unit all the security constable not get education because Top officials do not allow them to continue their education If a good officer ever comes, then you have to take NOC to continue your education۔Officers refuse to give leave on exam days۔And there is no educational institution for the families of the young men

Salary Problem:

In this age of inflation, the salaries of the youth are very low and due to which the families of the security constables not get well educated Hostage, food, clothing They are living with great difficulty

One of the greatest challenges to the execution of the Lahore police is to set up an institution comprising of two officers and a security constable at the common level to conclusion the contention over whether lawmakers ought to be advanced to political activists or sociopaths. Advance discourse and agreement between them.