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6 min readFeb 26, 2021

Taking Flight 🕊 | 💖Amal Family💖| 💐| Batch 164 🥰 | Last Session

“One who has no goals, has no future.”

The final three months were completely magnificent and learned a part around proficient and scholarly life and how to respond in numerous conditions when going through proficient life. In terms of learning and cleaning abilities within, I would rate this partnership as the finest since it covers all the angles of life which we are going require advance to advance and take off a great affect on ourselves anyplace we go.

How did the session help me think about what I want to do going forward?

Sessions were very insightful and there is a lot to learn from every session and going forward in life there was a lot in course that gives the idea of how things will work out in the future and provides a brief picture, which I like most about this fellowship. The most interesting and the like part was the debate on taking decision be HEART or MIND, that was a fruitful conversation between the fellows and a lot of us have our own opinion and so that debate gives the chance to listen to every argument of every fellow and a lot of over fellows have already started their professional lives so listening to them and they think about that where to use Heart and where to use Mind, and that is off course something to note and will definitely use in my professional life.

What did I enjoy the most about this day?

All of the sessions were very thorough and I got to learn a lot from every session. The last session was very fun because we got to interact with almost all of the fellows and the activities were really amazing. One of many lessons from the last session is that if you want to move forward so learn to work in a team, be a good team player and the job that is assigned to you, focus on that and do it better then others.

What did I enjoy the most about this day?

The part that I have enjoyed the most was the fellows that made the video of the whole fellowship and added a nice background song that was very emotional and was really pleasing to the eyes. It included the pictures of every single person and session which makes it more special every time you see it and that memorable video will be with us for the rest of our lives :)

What was it like to just talk and connect?

The nature of the humans is set up in a way that if he is happy, he is more productive despite the individual who is really upset about the things happening in his life. In both cases they both have to do work for living, so why not do it happily.

There are many aspects of life where humans need an emotional uplift to extract the most out of living. That can happen in many ways, for example, he can talk with people he loves to talk to or either join a support group and connect with different people which can actually listen and help them. Talking to someone who you think understands you is one way of dealing with your burdens and pressure which eases the pressure.

Emotions have everything to do with humans, emotion controls the whole body, and sometimes it’s necessary to ease yourself off and talk with people because that is something which will make you hollow from inside and that can paralyze you from inside. So in my opinion, it is a good thing to give yourself an emotional uplift boost.

How do I plan on keeping in touch with our Amal Family going forward?

So now we have a good bond in ourselves and have a good understanding of many of our fellows. Unfortunately, we are from different cities which makes it almost impossible for us to meet physically but we can have an online meeting on Zoom once a month for an hour and moreover, we can choose any type of discussion which we will be doing during the meeting or we can play a game, which we will decide before the meeting, so that will make it more interesting.

How do I intend to use what I learned in this fellowship in my future life?

As I have mentioned above, the courses we have done during the journey were very thorough and covered different aspects of our professional life. I am very keen to use this experience in my life afterward. I know the life afterwards will get tougher and tougher at every stage and it is persistence which will keep us on the right track. In these 3 months I have learned more about myself and come to know where the deficiency lies in me which will affect me in the coming future. I will definitely use the experience and learning of these three months in my professional life because it’s a luxury to learn from the professionals itself, so no one would want to waste the experience like this.

I found Mock interviews and 1 on 1 sessions really helpful because that gives me the idea of how things would work in the future and I am truly grateful for this opportunity to learn from the best. I learnt lot’s of new things from this journey. The few things I would like to mention here:

1- Gratitude

2- Positivity

3- constructive feedback

4- respect others opinions

5- team work

6- start with small

7-know your value what will u do!

8- leadership etc.

I am highly thankful to our Amal Facilitators that are Mam Zarafshan Zameer (Program Associate) and Mam Rabeea Maqsood Program Manager, (Program Manager) who really did a great effort and helped me to discover myself who I am and what should I do next to take initiative towards my career.

This whole Amal fellowship was amazing and full of passion, energy and eagerness towards the lifelong learning process. I am feeling so proud to be part of this beautiful Amal family. This journey was based on four important principles of success:

1- Amal 🏃‍♀️

2- Khudi💔

3- Kam, Kam aur Kam✍

4- Aik aur Aik gyara👬

Our facilitators and we tried our best and hence we succeeded to make the environment of Amal family so motivated and peaceful so that everyone was shared their life experiences without feeling any hesitation. We all are connected like a family👨‍👨‍👧‍👧

Here is the picture of Batch 164 Amal family:

Because of lockdown circumstances, When our online meetings began, I was not feeling better and stressed over how we Servia , we won’t have the option to appreciate and have a ton of fun like we could during in-person meetings. Be that as it may, there was not at all like that. Yet, they have so certain methodology towards everything and they persuaded us in a way that we made these online meetings another and paramount experience, they attempted us to investigate and basically show our critical thinking abilities that we have created during the association.

Amal taught us that we have to be grateful for others and it is the best gift you ever give to anyone. I learned and gain experience in giving appreciation and positive feedback to people make them feel so happy.

How can I forget our Amal Circle, we

have done a lot of tasks together till the end and hopefully to stay connected with all of them. Wish them good luck for the future. Appreciation from my Batch fellows😍😍😍


Amal Acadmey Memories

💝Thanks, Amal for helping me to discover myself💝.